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Web Design

Lifetime Movie Club + HISTORY Vault

In an effort to increase click throughs to sign up for a free trial of our products on the web @  and @, I was asked to rethink the landing page for History Vault first. After "whiteboarding" ideas and determining the components that had to be above the fold, three designs were presented. The third and final design was chosen and a/b tested against the older live page for History Vault. The third design (below) hit statistical significance and achieved an improvement in users moving forward to step two in the funnel as well as conversion to a free trial. 

The same design was then used for Lifetime Movie Club to save on resources.  
The layout design for both the landing page and homepages, proved to scale for both products and still maintain each brand's aesthetic through use of color, imagery and fonts.

Landing Pages
LMC Landing Page.jpg
HVault Landing Page.jpg
Home Pages
LMC Homepage.jpg
HVault Homepage.jpg
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