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Application Design

HISTORY Vault: Design Across Multiple Platforms

HISTORY Vault is a subscription based video on demand digital product. It offers hundreds of hours of historical documentaries and specials across an array of platforms, including: iOS, Android, Web, Apple TV, and Roku.

V 1.png

Our goal was to create HISTORY’s first sustainable and profitable subscription video product, while delivering a purposeful, engaging, and usable product experience for our subscribers.

The outcome has been a tremendous amount of learning, along with successful product launches in which we continue to iterate upon. The subscriber base is growing as the product matures and becomes the desired destination for history lovers.

Tools: Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, Flinto

HVault Android 3.png
HVault Android 1.png
HVault Android 2.png

​​After launching iOS the challenge was to create a unified experience of HISTORY Vault on Android. Within Google's guidelines we designed and developed a beautiful and clean UI. 

Responsive Web

Our users are ensured a unified experience no matter the choice of platform they enjoy our content on. To achieve this we used a design system that helped both designers and developers be on the same page during development of our responsive web site. 

Apple TV.png
Apple TV

TVOS plus Roku and OTT boundaries posed a new challenge to keep the app within brand and complying with each platform's guidelines.


As the Senior Product Designer I led all the design efforts for HISTORY Vault and collaborate with our multidisciplinary team to continually either release new features and/or improve our existing flows within all the platforms we are built on. Using a design system I helped build with my team, I have been able to easily and efficiently design across multiple platforms and direct the specific platform developers accordingly to achieve uniformity whether a user is on the Web, iOS, Android or any of our OTT products. Deliverables include: wireframes, annotations, interactive prototypes and high fidelity designs. 

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